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SME Research Centre of India (SRCI) is dedicated to conducting high quality and exhaustive research into different small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and industrial sectors. The research is made so as to create value for those involved in development of SME and industrial sectors. The Centre also provides first hand research information on various sectors and sub-sectors to SMEs and others concerned in order to enable them obtain first hand market information and enhance their market reach.

The Centre has an extensive experience in conducting high quality research programs, conducting surveys, feasibility analysis and running workshops for SMEs, industry and those concerned. SRCI's strength lies in its diverse research team coupled with guest researchers from Indian Universities and industries, companies and public and private sector organizations.



SME Research Centre of India (SRCI) is guided by its vision of creating sustainable development for Indian SMEs and Industries by providing them with valuable insights on Indian economy, various industrial sectors, business opportunities and strategies for SMEs, latest technological developments and many others.

SRCI was formed to be the think-tank organization for Indian SME Sector with the objective of Creating Knowledge, Disseminating Knowledge, Knowledge Application and Knowledge Conservation.

Initiated by

SME Chamber of India, a premier national Chamber, has been working for the development of SMEs from manufacturing, service sectors and allied industrial / business sectors for the last 31 years. The Chamber integrates SMEs, large corporates, MNCs, banks, investors, policy makers, Young & Women entrepreneurs and Start–Ups to establish and enhance contacts for better business growth and expansion.

The Chamber has been on a forefront for policy implementation, policy change and encouraging SMEs to avail of various incentives, government schemes as well as business and investment opportunities in the era of Make-In-India.

For more info log on to - www.smechamberofindia.com


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    SME Research Division of SRCI is dedicated in providing support to SME sector by conducting research on various topics of their concern. The research papers are prepared after conducting an in-depth analysis of various factors concerning SMEs and their implications. The research is aimed at providing SMEs, the concerned associations, banks & other financial institutions, corporate and other organizations with valuable information regarding SME sector and opportunities this sector can provide.

    • Cost Management of Optimisation
    • Business and IT Strategy
    • Infrastructure and Operations
    • Knowledge Management
    • Corporate Governance
    • IPR, Copy Rights and Trade Marks
    • Security and Risk Management
    • Banking Finance
    • Credit Channels
    • Human Resource Development
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Forward and Backward Linkage Models
    • Vendor Management & Sourcing
    • Technology Transfers
    • Technology Acquisitions
    • M&As and Joint Ventures
    • Marketing and Promotion
    • Advertising & Branding
    • Cloud Computing
    • Risk Management

    Research Methodology

    • Detailed interviews and surveys of business leaders
      in various industries, the CEOs, and
      key senior executives
    • In-depth interviews and evaluations of business
      suppliers and customers
    • On-field research
    • Statistical, qualitative and quantitative analysis
    • Primary Market research
    • Secondary Research

    Our Valued Research

    • Unlocking European Crisis
    • Impact of European Crisis on Indian SMEs
    • Impact of European Crisis on Asia
    • Opportunities for Indian SMEs in Europe
    • Impact of Retail FDI on Indian SMEs
    • Impact of Interest Rate hike on Indian SMEs
    • Indian Logistics and Supply Chain Industry
    • Indian Packaging Machinery and Equipment Industry

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  • Industrial Research division of SRCI supports businesses operating in various industries by providing them with in-depth research, study and analysis of different industrial segments.

    Currently SRCI is concentrating on following Industrial research areas:

    • Capital Goods Industry
    • Automobile Industry
    • Automotive Component Industry
    • Food Processing Industry
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Packaging Industry
    • Logistics Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • ICT Industry
    • Biotechnology Industry
    • Defense Industry
    • Retail Industry
    • Banking and Financial Services
    • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
    • Consumer Goods Industry
    • Power Industry
    • Power Equipment Industry
    • Renewable Energy Industry
    • Healthcare Industry
    • Hospitality Industry
    • Tourism Industry
    • Wellness Industry
    • Project Management
    • Techno-economic Feasibility Report
    • Environment Management Study and Feasibility Report
    • Diagnostic Report and Study
    • Management Consultancy
    • Infrastructure Development Studies
    • Environmental Impact Studies


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